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This page has been recently introduced to help visitors with their travel plans for the in and outbound journeys to and from Tilos Island flying in to Diagoras Rhodes Airport. Although we cannot cater for every scenario the information provided here is for your general guidance.It may be helpful to you if you print this page and take it with you in your hand luggage.

Shown below are two Google Earth images, the first showing Mandraki Harbour where most of the smaller ferries and hydrofoils dock, and the second the area of the main and commercial ports where all of the large car ferries and cruise ships dock.

Each image has numbered keys with an explanation of each tag which shows key geographical points to help you navigate your way around.

Aerial view of the New Town and Mandraki


1. This is the Mandraki harbour where the Tilos Sea Star catamaran docks

2. There are two concrete jetty's where the Sea Star and the hydrofoils dock. Tickets for your to journey to Tilos can be purchased here from the agents on the jetty. The larger jetty is the normal dock for the catamaran. Tickets are currently 23.5 euro each way. Most of the airport taxi drivers know the Sea Star and will stop at either jetty on sight. If you wish to take the bus from the airport you will arrive at tag no 10.If you arrive early, you may store your luggage on the Sea Star before you buy your ticket, giving you time to relax before departure.

3. This area is known as the "New Market" or Fish Market, which is a good place to relax, waiting for your onward journey. There are many tavernas and bars all serving traditional fayre at reasonable prices. Be careful to go inside the market through one of the splendid gates, let's just say you get better value than eating outside !!! This area is excellent for local shopping, hotels for overnight stays and banks with ATM's.

4. This is the main licensed taxi rank at Mandraki. Queuing here for a cab is a nightmare, it's a Greek queue !! Especially if you are in a hurry to get to the airport. If you are sure that you are next, do NOT wait for the driver to smile at you and stop. Get your hand on the passenger door, open it and state your destination. If it is a long journey i.e. Lindos, ask for the price first. Should you be travelling as a family or two couples, make sure the driver knows this because, as is accepted but illegal in Greece, he / she will charge you 2 fares !! It is common practice for cabs to stop during YOUR journey and pick up other passengers and charge them separately. When you arrive at Mandraki from Tilos you can leave your luggage on board if you wish, go for lunch and then once in your taxi to the airport ask the driver to stop and collect your luggage. Please note that if you are arriving on the Sea Star, she may be sailing on to a day trip to Symi, in which case you will have to take your luggage off on arrival. An obvious clue to this is you will see hoards of people at the quayside ! If in doubt......ask your fellow travellers who may be with a package tour company.

5. This is one of the main bus terminus where the airport bus stops.

6. This is the Bank of Greece on Eleftherias, entered here to landmark which jetty you have arrived at.

7. This building is the Halls of Justice, The Courthouse. If you see this when you leave the Sea Star you have docked at the higher jetty no 2.

The following are good overnight hotels close to Mandraki

8. The Savoy, Dodekanission Ethel, Rhodes 00302241020721 Class B

9. Hotel Spartalis, 2, Nick Plastira St, Rhodes. 00302241024371 Class B

10. Hermes Hotel, 5, Nick Plastira St, Rhodes. 00302241027677. Class C

11. This the Harbormaster's office, the Port Police. Accessed by some steps to the right of the La Palais Cafe on Martiou St. Here the daily ships and ferry manifests should be listed. Useful for up to date information especially if sea conditions are poor.

12. Main Post Office if you need one !

Main and Commercial Ports of Rhodes

Aerial view of the Commercial Port of Rhodes

The above image is an aerial view of the Main and Commercial Ports on Rhodes. This is where most of the larger car ferries and cruise ships dock. It takes around 15 minutes to walk along the coast road from Mandraki (tags 2 & 3) If you are exploring the Old Town, the Main port entrance (tag no 1 )is located opposite St Catherine's Gate which is at the north end of Pindarou St near the Church of Aghios Panteleimon. Before crossing the road, you will find a number of ticketing agencies serving this port, but beware, each agent will only give you information for the companies they represent, so ask more than one agency.

The Commercial port, known as Colona, is located just to the left of tag no 1 the other side of the small port beach. Smaller ferries/boats such as the Panagia Spilliani and Dodecanese Seaways Catamarans dock here. Entrance is opposite the castellated towers of the magnificent Marine Gate.The larger car ferries such as the Blue Star " Diagoras " dock at the large Main harbour shown above tag 1

Useful links to ferry companies.


Kalo Taxidi ! (safe journey )

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